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TEH DRAMA !!!!111oneoneone.... Last Post on the Subject.

People amaze me when they can't see *WHY* they irritate other people, and have the gall to cry when people don't *WANT* to hear their side.

Ya know I was and still *AM* being torn to shreds on the net, those blog pages don't go away unless you delete them, and even then they stay in some cache forever and a day.

There was *NEVER* an apology or anything even remotely conciliatory.

Then the newest comment and I quote :

I checked out my friends site and I realized that fablespinner still grudge against me!!!!!! And so does her little chums!!!!

Hello! There's a reason why I put her in my friends! She may not be the best of artist! But she's is the greatest of writers and is creative!

That there looks like a pretty darn good slam of talents.

I never claimed to be the best at anything, but actually saying that about someone in public?

Pretty darn rude and third class behavior.

Back handed compliments while pointing out a fault elsewhere are NOT compliments. They hurt people's feelings.

Now please go away, and people don't send me links to look at stuff like this please. It only hurts my feelings.

I have no intention of reading her journal, I have an OKAY ego.

The things she says sting and I do not want to read them.

My last post on this matter... please un-friend me Queenie.

I don't want contact with you because you've never given a rats ass about my feelings, nor have shown to me, the person you HURT, even one iota of remorse or apologized.

Yes I still hold a grudge, wouldn't you if someone did what you did to me... to you?

You are always entitled to your own opinions, however when you publicly, with intent to be cruel, catalog all my failings with unmitigated GLEE... then even when you seemingly try to make amends (not to me of course, just to your own friends.) you have to toss in one more dig and semi insult on my art, you like to hurt, you are truly not someone I ever care to associate with.

Forgiveness starts when you approach the person you hurt and say "I'm sorry."

and mean it.

I will never believe that you are.

Please Go AWAY.

And I thought Keiji... *points at Icon* came out fairly decent art wise in my own defense here. I know I'm not TEH SUPER... but I thought I was at least average in yon art department.

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