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I can't get away from idiots -- lord preserve my patience!

I feel stalked.

Do you all remember when I posted that lovely little blog I found by accident doing a google search for TTDSDG pics since I lost mine?

Wherein I discovered a certain rather disturbingly obsessed person seemed to go through great length for months and months to track my every move and lambaste me behind my back?

Remember when I posted that little find here and we all went... O_O

No? Well here's the post I made on it: http://www.livejournal.com/users/fablespinner/79893.html

We all had a mighty good chuckle over this nine months ago...

Guess who just friended my LJ?

This person has serious fucking issues.

GO AWAY workingclsshero

Did I fucking kill your entire family in a mass murder spree in a previous life?

How on EARTH can I POSSIBLY be so interesting to you that you have this sick compulsion to track my every movement and catalog my faults or fabricated faults and talents or lack thereof in your opinion for YEARS and YEARS now.

You managed to state several times how much of a HACK you think I am and WORSE... so why the FUCK are you here?

Hello? Seek professional help! And Leave me alone you freak.

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