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Life Update 101

or lack thereof... another weekend gone where I had no "ME TIME" I've been studying and the sudden massive heat wave has my hay fever in a snit and a massive migraine and on top of everything else I go live today at work with the new training and I'm scared shitless, the other classmates I had degenerated into sniveling 14 year olds back in freshmen high school with their constant gabber and it effected my learning and no amount of me griping for them to STFU did *ANY* good.


So my fingers are crossed that my bringing home my notes to study helped.


SO much to know in 3 weeks, I hope I do alright.


Off to work to die, if I'm MIA this week, AGAIN, you'll know why my life is extremely busy and stressful and when I get home from work I'm either studying or trying to sleep off the hay fever.

ICK.... I want to be a kept woman damn it, Rick you'd better win the LOTTO!


Off to work I go... poop.

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