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Uppy-datie and whatnot

If you find my life, please return it to the lost and found department....

Quick 1-2-3- where is D update.

Today was my last day of book training -- Monday/Tuesday I go live on claims calls at work. I *THINK* I'm ready... we'll see.

Not had an ounce of time during the week to do much of anything, nursing some killer migraines recently too.

I'm having Koishii withdrawals
RAW Withdrawals
LJ Withdrawals
Anime/Manga etc....

I did however find a few minutes to pick up FAKE volume 6 (Took forever to get into the store here), and Eerie Queerie Volume 1 and Les Bijoux Volume 1.

FAKE is still one of my all time favorites, I've had them all (7 volumes) in the Japanese Manga since 2000/2001 and I'm thrilled to bits to actually have it translated.

COME ON VOLUME 7!!!! That's the last and MMM, MMM, MMM, MMM, MMMMMMMMM One of the hottest Scenes EVER in manga coming up.


I so love Dee... must be because we share a name :PPPPP

Eerie Queerie I already gave a brief synopsis of I think, another good series, and Les Bijoux the jury is still out on.. pretty but I think the author has YAOI issues... please do not turn perfectly good ukes into girls, it's too Ranma 1/2 corny!!!

Lastly I bought a proper fish tank that filters, and am currently hoping I am not on a mass murder spree.

I.E.... We have a lovely aquarium sitting here on my dresser, all lit up, I put in real water plants and shells etc.... IT even has a Saiyuki back image for goodness sakes, what fishy wouldn't want to stare into Sanzo's eyes all day? HEH HEH... The reason that happened was it was in front of the mirror and Gojyo (My new magenta/purple/blue Beta was trying to fight himself in the mirror, I stuck a pencil board behind the tank to block the mirror, perfect size and it looks bitchin'! So the Kappa's namesake is watching over him.

And the other current residents are:

One Yellow Male Guppy and One Green/Blue Male Guppy: Quatre and Trowa respectively....
One pure White Molly: Kiba
One Pure Black Molly: Dark-san
One itty-bitty Coral Dwarf : Goliath

heh heh, let's see how long I can keep these buggers alive.

One of these days I WILL succeed in maintaining a fish tank damn it!!!

I love to sit and watch fish, sooo relaxing.

So far Quatre is a spaz and loves -- LOVES to play in the filter bubbles with Goliath

Trowa is ALWAYS hiding somewhere

Kiba is a prick to everything including Gojyo (very brave or very STUPID FISH)

and I think Dark-San is following in Trowa's wake and finding little places in the tank to hide.

The fighting fish?

The most sane of the bunch temperament wise.

Go figure.


Now I am off to bed, my back is killing me today on top of the ever present headache as of late.

I really *REALLY* would like more hours in a day and better health to enjoy them!!

Ah well cest la vie!


oh and iluvikarishinji.... I got your trade on GAIA, but you have to confirm it before it will be sent to me.


Thanks again!!!

And I just would like to add I am slowly but surely converting the world, one poor deprived person at a time.

So far I have both my trainers (Rebekah from December's Training and Jason from this round of training) TOTALLY HOOKED ON SAIYUKI.


I will pimp anime, oh yes I will, get 'em hooked and all is gooooood!

AH, so good.

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