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2 balls for a dollar!

What a day... Still recovering from Saturday's BIG CLEAN OUT OF THE GARAGE THE SEQUEL... we're thankfully almost done out there and after two years living here the room I occupy is now officially 100% MINE. I am no longer living out a chest of drawers and half a closet rod. The drawers and closet are now free of mom's crap and I have a whole room all to myself at last. I've had to sadly lose even more of my stuff since mom took forever to clear out her crap, I lost more of the things I had in boxes out in the garage to mice damage. We've eradicated the problem, but not before the little fucktards ate, shit and pissed on 99.99999% of my things. Anything that couldn't be steam cleaned was lost. almost all my books, memorabilia, etc... gone.

I'll survive, it's just stuff after all.

Thankfully however some boxes were untouched, and my real Japanese paper parasols/umbrellas are in tact and at last up on display. I've only owned them like a decade, the ex-ass never let me put them up anywhere for decoration, but in our living room here we have those weird built in ceiling shelves and a cathedral ceiling and we've put them up in the living room on one of those shelves and they look niiiiiiiice.

So today, I actually slept in a little which I sorely needed, I don't know what it is about the training room at work, but the lights give me splitting migraines by the end of the day, so for 2 weeks now I've been a mega bitch with a doozey of a migraine.

I'll get it back tomorrow, but as of right now, we're down to a dull ache, it's livable.

After I woke up, I went out to the local Michaels to put together a nice silk floral arrangement to bring a nice splash of color to my room and balance out the dresser, the TV is on one side, and the bookcase (Which I finally got inside after two years) butts up against the dresser so a tall vase and flowers ties that area together nicely IMO... So I bought a nice Chinese vase and did the sakura branches/blossoms, bamboo, lilies etc... very Asian arrangement, I like it.

Well I get it home, put it together, and Mom promptly takes it, sets it in front of the fireplace in the living room and says "Yup, that's what this space needs... go back out and build another, only make it bigger so it fans out more..."

Me... "OOOOoooookay. I've been home all of five minutes and I'm hungry, but sure..."

So I go and build a second arrangement, our living room fireplace now looks like Martha Stewart meets far east and threw up like Bush.

Or one of the huge floral arrangements you find in swanky hotel lobbies... it came out nice, I missed my calling in floral arrangements. But I have a good eye for color and this just brings a nice focal point to the living room full of spring colors.

Yes, did I ever mention I'm addicted to Trading Spaces and HGTV shows? No? Well my secret is exposed... I got to try my hand at home decorating today via flowers and I'm pleased with the results.

So I finish there, still no lunch, call Rick and talk, then I went to go meet up with Crystal (psyche_chan) at the local Border's to grab some coffee.

I got there first so went in to peruse the Manga... I stumbled across a new title "Eerie Queerie" Shounen Ai/Yaoi, very cute series. The little Blond Uke (Plus one for my fetish) apparently see female ghosts, and they like to posses his body to flirt with boys... Gay boys who naturally start liking UKE BOI rather than the girls (I'm nut-shelling this folks). Main Seme Boi, Ummmmm Brunet (Again ding, ding, DING! My Brunet x Blond Yaoi fetish is singing Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.)

So far I like the concept of this... High School boys, Cute stuff all around. UKE BOI is discovering his sexuality and having some pretty HOT dreams of Main Squeeze Seme... the constant Blushing is adorable when Little Uke has a hard time coping. Seme Boi is a shithead and let's UKE squirm as he flirts and pets, and gropes. MUWHAHAHAHHAH.

And the Uke looks like Eiri Asato's style Quatre, you can now hear D squee like the fangirl she is... SQUEEEE

And the Seme is Eiri Asato's version of Trowa with a different Hairdo... the squeeing continues...

So As I am paying for this little Gem, Crystal walks in and we head outside... There is that same rinky-dink carnival set up in the parking lot (Remember my fic Tilt-a-Whirl? That same carnie, minus the Trowa look-a-like is back again)... so we forgo coffee and head on over...

Okay remind me NOT TO PLAY GAMES... 15 balls $2... I now have another god damn pet. Say hello YUKI, my new white goldfish. ><___>< I always win these things when I don't want them, and there was no kid around young enough for me to bestow the poor fish on... and no amount of bribing on my part could convince Crystal to take poor little YUKI, the soon to be dead goldfish, because I so can never manage to keep fish alive.

Thank GAWD, I had my old (and deceased) beta's vase/bowl and all the rocks and shells and stuff... Yuki is happily swimming on my dresser... for now. I can hear the choir invisible gearing up in the greenroom.

It is an EX-PARROT... er GOLDFISH.. whatever....


We rode a couple of rides.... I am *NOT* sixteen anymore damn it. After about the fourth spinny-twirly ride, I'm feeling like barf-city is around the corner... so we head back to borders and I grab a sprite and some soup (Since I have NOT EATEN ALL DAY.. and that was probably part of the reason I was about ready to hurl.) We chatted some more, and I felt better.

So I took Crystal home (I refuse to let her walk home after dark), and I headed back and read my book and relaxed and thankfully had a nice quiet MEME TIME evening.

So it's about midnight, and I'm off to get a decent night sleep before the HELL MONDAY is upon me and I must work like a mad woman.

Monday's are soooooooooo busy, the phone is none stop from the moment I log in and turn it on, until the moment my finger hovers over the "LOGOFF" button at 5:59 PM waiting for that clock to turn over so I can get out of there before it rings again and it never fails, just as it turns over it rings and I gotta take one more call,

but that's tomorrow, right now it's bedtime for bonzo!

Say goodnight Gracie

Goodnight Gracie.

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