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The Name thing...

If you call me Dana (Donna) You are either someone I know and you have learned how to properly pronounce my name and I work with you, you are my parents or a close friend.

If you call me "D" you are a friend (Sometimes very close sometimes not) but we originally met on-line. I like this name.

If you call me "DJ" or my full name of "Dana Jean" you are my extended family on my mother's side. In the south (Specifically Haysi, Virginia) you get your full name used a lot.

If you call me "Fablespinner" I cringe. Damn stupid e-mail/pennames that stick and are stupid. I prefer "D"

If you call me "Fabe-Babe" you're Kay Zozma

If you call me "Bubba" you're Lorena

If you call me Dana (Dayna) You're a telemarketer or every single teacher the first day of school, or every new person who reads my name written down the first time... I really HATE DAYNA!! with a passion.

If you call me "Keiji", "Kojiro Keiji", "Kojiro-san", "Keiji-kun" or any other derivitive thereof... you're from Gaia.

If you call me "Frances E.I. DaPoo" or "Frederick H. Fartwark", "Turd Blossom", "Anal Wart", "Rectal Orifice", "Little Kumquat" and the list goes on because you are my father and every night when you go to bed you say "Good night my Little _______________________" and you give me yet another stupid nickname. You've done this every night for as long as I've been alive, the list is HUGE. Love ya Dad.

If you call me Quatre and/or Koi, Koishii ... You're Rick.

You can pretty much call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner.



Mar. 14th, 2004 06:02 am (UTC)
I called you Fablespinner until I knew better.

Your name is pretty. But I think "D" just sort of hones all that you are to a fine point. It's hard to explain why but I think that name really suits you best.
Mar. 15th, 2004 04:09 pm (UTC)


I tend to like D best myself.


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