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y-con and quiz and off to work...

Stolen from stormcloude

Who didn't see this coming?
I'm a yaoi whore
You are a total yaoi whore! Nothing is sweeter
than the love between two sexy men, except for
sex between two sexy men!

What kind of Anime Whore are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Seeing as last night my Y-con confirmation letter arrived *AND* my confirmation for the hotel room
Already almost booked up solid and NO SMOKING ROOMS LEFT *CRIES*
Jesus Christ is 6 months away yet, one of y'all better cancel a smoking room or else D will be smoking under the exhaust fan all weekend in the bathroom damn it!!!

As much as I love my roomies from past years, this year I'm flying solo, I always hated stepping all over people and their things, and well chances are Rick will be here for y-con this year, and well... privacy will be key on that front *wink wink nudge nudge*

So *cough* I'm still willing to like Drive up with ya stormy, but this year the room situation is slightly changed.


My monthly visitor is giving me hell (as always) I'm exhausted, training is a fucking BEAR but thankfully we found out we will NOT be back in training again so soon. They are going to give us more time out on the floor to apply and use THIS TRAINING and get accustomed to it before they yank the tops players to up-train more.

Gotta be 110% on the ball because I want them to invest in me, I want that full time position and I want benefits.

I have a fiancée now who will NEEEEEEED insurance too and COBRA is expensive so If I can add him on my policy when I get it so there isn't a break in coverage for him, he'll not get dinged with pre-existing clauses when he gets benefits for himself (Thankfully I know how insurance works like the back of my hand now.)

You won't get me anymore HMO's and PPO... I know your rules.

And with Rick's cancer we cannot have him without insurance for more than 60 days or else he'll get pre-existing conditions tagged on new benefits for 18 months. That is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... period.

Okay so I must get in the shower now and go to work.. I'm stalling,

OH and go to evermonde's journal

WHEEEE she’s writing me my 3x4 sixteen candles fusion


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