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Going back to bed... I'm emotionally DRAINED

TOOK A NAP.... because I had a raging headache... Got up and decided to just lay here in bed (Where I still am actually) with the lights off and load up on Monty the rest of Wolf's Rain.

And boy am I glad I waited to watch the last 4 episodes of wolf's rain until I had them all...

The "D angst-o-meter" has reached new levels of needle burying.

Number of times I had to pause to puke because I was crying so hard I made myself Ill --- 3
Number of times I swore out loud --- lost count
The experience -- Priceless

What a series. I'm utterly speechless.

Will I watch the last 4 episodes again?

Not a hope in hell, once is enough, I will NEVER, not ever, as long as I live FORGET.

It's like "Old Yeller", once is enough for the impact to hit home.

Just.... WOW

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