September 15th, 2011

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

I just Got a CARE PACKAGE in the Mail....

Oh have a Dear Friend... Ro... 
She is rather like a real life FELIKS.

She sent me a Care Package... Enjoy the picture show:

Germany Disapproves of you!!!!

Kiku or Cookie I say  I don't care awwww!

Uh oh.. this is From RO... this cannot be good. Or anywhere NEAR NORMAL.... I am now afraid.

The Chibi's needed another picture.... Felik's Cheer Squard must be so proud!

Cookie Stole the Ribbon immediately

AHAHAHAHAHA.... Yup... I know my GIRL RO! AHAHAHAHAH! *facepalm*

Ooooh Blue and Jiggly! and Had to go right back in the box cause COOKIE wanted to play with THIS TOO!
LOL! NUUUUUU Inappropriate kitty toy is inappropriate!