February 4th, 2011

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


 Well I learned something NEW (and kind of morbidly disturbing too...)

You see, since all my stomach surgeries this past summer, my stomach CONSTANTLY rumbles and grumbles and makes such LOUD and oft times embarrassing hunger pang noises (Shouts!)  when I'm NOT even the slightest bit hungry. So I finally Googled for answers.

It's that remnant lower stomach (The duodenum) they left inside, it's totally sealed off and separated from the rest of my stomach, it gets NO FOOD anymore but it still complains about it apparently. It still gets blood supply, but the muscle itself will eventually atrophy.

When I had parts of the tummy re-routed and removed and generally ALTERED, they left that most lower part where it connects to my colon because it produces hormones and regulates B12. But it does not need food to do that, it's better if that part of my body NEVER sees food since the WHOLE REASON for all the surgeries was the diabetes and the Duodenum is a BASTARD with sugar absorption so it will never see FOOD EVER AGAIN.

But apparently it will forever bitch about that little fact... something I never knew would happen. That really is something the surgeon should mention so people don't freak out wondering WHY THE FUCK is my stomach talking ALL THE DAMN FREAKING TIME? So dear friends, when you hear my loud tummy talking to you, please don't ask me if I'm hungry, I'm never freaking hungry. It has NOTHING to do with hunger at all, It's just the "dead" part of my tummy talking from the grave so to speak.

Freaky huh?
aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

[FANART] Kiss the Frog? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Kiss the Frog?
Artist: Me
Characters: France x England (KIDS)
Warning: None. More Kids again.
Summary: Here's another Sketch dealing with Hetalia "Kids"

Here's FrUk!

Francis at about 12-14 years old and an 8-9 year old Iggy. (With his Unicorn and Fairy.)

FRANCIS: "Kiss the "Frog" prince?"
IGGY: "Get Bent you bloody FROG! You suck!"

Iggy's shirt, English folks will get the "joke". My Ex hubby was a brit and I swear we must have bought Heinz Baked Bean in freaking BULK. The English eat an ungodly amount of those tinned beans.

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