January 4th, 2011

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Would you like a Voice Meme from Me?

I thought I'd do one of these but instead of answering silly generic questions I'd rather answer specific questions from people here...

So Please list in comments *ANY* (and I do mean any) questions you have about me (You're not limited to one), art, fandom, whatever you want to really know. And After a few day's I'll compile the list and answer everyone's questions in a recording and post the audio link here.

Anythings goes, nothing is too personal frankly. I'm pretty much an open book in real life and have nothing to hide. And you totally get to hear my awesome BUTCH voice. (LOL!SARCASM) I so could voice male anime characters, and not the UKES!! O_o (I wish I was lying, I'm such a dude.)

Ask Away!

 I'm going to respond to comments directly with MP3s... Otherwise it's going to me a massive file. I'll respond individually. (I talk too much.)