December 22nd, 2010


[aph SuFin] (FANFICTION) "Vintern Älskare"

 READ ME....


The SuFin Bug has bitten...

This is AU (I always Write AU...)
This is Romance (I always write Romance)
This could be Epic in length depending on how wordy I get (I've been known to write 1500+ page novels....)

So Yeah, Here we Go...

Synopsis: Tino was born and Raised in a brothel, when Alice another prostitute and surrogate sister dies giving birth to her son Peter, she has one dying wish. Tino raise her baby as she would have. He makes that promise with his whole soul and begins raising little Peter.

Berwald is a local carpenter, cabinet maker, and all around handy-man hired for odd jobs. When he begins working for the brothel's owner he can't help but notice one of the prostitutes is male, beautiful and everything Berwald finds appealing.

This is how they meet, where their paths join. What happens to them is the tale told here...

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