July 22nd, 2010

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Health Update: Ups and downs and Date Set

A quickie update on the heath front. still getting ups and downs with the insulin. I've been having a LOT of LOW blood sugar OMGBBQIMMAGONNAPASSOUT moments the past several weeks. This morning at about 5 am, my body woke itself up with a 45 blood sugar. YIKES. I stumble out half coherent with the shakes to attack a can of pop with a purpose. I spilled it all over me but I got the number up. (I bought glucose tablets to keep at my bedside since this is happening FREQUENTLY on the new insulin. I'm still trying to get the numbers balanced.

Which is hard when you spend a good portion of the week not eating *ANYTHING* *AT* *ALL* because I couldn't and my head was stuck in a loo! Jesus H. Fartwark on a pogostick I felt like dookie Sunday-Tuesday and a good portion of yesterday. It was just a bug but DAMN it wiped me out big time. So No insulin for a few days because I could NOT risk having a bottom out low like I've been having. I would not be able to EAT to bring up the number. SO Zero food, only water to sip for 3 days (a trip to the ER Sunday Night, the worst night, I got nausea pills and was on a drip for about 4 hours to rehydrate me). Even with that you'd think my Blood sugar would be normal or low right? Nope, it was averaging 275 for those days but again it was way too risky to take the insulin. I'd rather be lethargic with the highs than in a gibberish stupor near death with drastic lows. It was a choice.

But I was able to eat yesterday (YAY!) So I was back on my meds and immediately *WHAM* first morning back on I'm having lows and I took a small dose.

I'm happy I am responding to the new Insulin like this, but it's responding TOO well.

However, that will change in a few weeks yet again, I'm scheduled for my surgery August 16th. I've been seeing doctors almost DAILY getting prepped. O_o

So hopefully I'll cut my insulin to almost nothing August 16th once they re-route the tummy plumbing to avoid the duodenum and food will go to my colon directly...

If I can manage this on only pills? I'll jump for JOY! Even if it does mean I'm eating literally only BABY FOOD meats (High, HIGH protein pureed stuff) for the next half year or more. It's worth all I'm giving up to save my kidneys BEFORE they implode from my spreading Neuropathy. My Diabetes is the core of all my issues and damn it I will beat this freaking disease. I have too much I want to do damn it. I will not let my neuropathy get worse, it will not devour me from the inside out, I *REFUSE*


On *NON* Health related updates. Grandma is here with us while we make her some new dentures and I'm loving having her here. My house is a family hotel this summer with cousins, aunts, uncles, Nieces and Nephews around. My Nephew Mike is also here for a week to visit he's such a sweet kid and in the throws of "puppy love" with a girl named Becky. (*GAG* 18 year old Romance Cheesewagon). Phone glued to ear, big sighs, texting, he tells me every time she farts in his direction. Oh it's like Roses my Becky's wind! LOL. I don't think I can roll my eyes any more or find enough crackers and wine to serve with the all the cheese Mikey spews, but it is entertaining to watch the puppy love.

In among all the sighing and fawning via the cell phone however we sat down and had a nice long talk. Long story short, He will get his GED and take his SATs and he *WILL* go to school and get a decent education *BEFORE* he does anything else with his life. He's agreed that he needs to set his own direction and chase his dreams and to do that, he has to buckle down, get serious and have an education. A Wife, babies and etc... now at only 18  will only make sure he's on the slow track for success. He agreed he needs to focus on bettering himself and I told him whatever it takes to help him succeed we'll be there to support him every step of the way.

I just want him to be happy and secure and able to stand on his own two feet. He's got such potential, he just needs grounding and some stability now and a purpose and I think he's finding it and what he wants out of his life.