May 14th, 2010

Jareth - Disdain

RANT - Token Ethnic Characters and Women Warriors.... DO NOT WANT!!!

Okay, this is not racist RANT damn it, it's just LOGICAL 1 + 1 = 2 sort of RANT and it drives me CRAZY.

There comes a time when adding a TOKEN person of Ethnicity into a movie or tv show is just WRONG and INAPPROPRIATE!. There *ARE* places it does not work. Where you can no longer suspend disbelief because of glaring geographical and historical errors being made....

For an example to show how RIDICULOUS this is...

Just like you would not stick a token WHITE GUY into a movie that is supposed to take place in a ZULU TRIBE as a TRIBES MAN (As a visiting scientist OKAY, that would work, that is BELIEVABLE! But not a TRIBESMAN who's mother is Black woman, who's father is black man and were supposed to pretend we don't notice he's WHITE? This happens ALL THE TIME in reverse and were supposed to ignore it because it's "politically correct" to cast at least ONE token ethnic actor in a role!)

No, it's just ILLOGICAL DAMN IT!

You TV and MOVIE type directors and writers do this all the time with ethnic people and it drive me fucking crazy. I'm all for equality but please write parts for ethnic actors damn it! MAKE IT AT LEAST BELIEVABLE!!!!

What caused this rant tonight? I'm just FLIPPING through the channels a KING ARTHUR type TV show was on... Into the scene Walks in a woman obviously mixed race (half black and half Indian) (Asian not Native American)... she was a main Character named "Gwen"...

Wait... WUT? GWEN? FUCKING GWEN? Let's forget that Africans and Indians did not LIVE in Wales/England in approx. 900 AD... She certainly, even if they DID live there, her name would NOT BE GWEN!!!!

I'd have believed her character insertion (Maybe a BIG , MAYBE) has she been dressed in a Sari.. MAYBE. Since very few (if ANY) people from India or Africa LIVED IN "CAMELOT" (Which is either in Wales or England according to the "legend" and which one you subscribe to.)

But my POINT is, Please to be stopping these TOKEN ETHNIC characters unless you make them at least PLAUSIBLE in the story. PLEASE!!!

You would not stick a White Guy in the middle of Africa and name him Nubuku the Zulu King. Please stop putting ethinc characters into historical period movies into roles they would NOT HAVE HAD during the era. I'd have believed her role had you named her say PADME and had her dressed in clothes appropriate for her ethnicity and had her speaking "English" with an Indian accent.

No, she was speaking in a BRITISH ACCENT and her name was GWEN.



Oh and another BEEF. WOMEN did not run around in chain mail, nor did they swing broad swords around. You got the OCCASIONAL bad ass chick in DARK AGES history, Bodicea for one of that era.

But were talking 1 in 10,000 women in that era so please, stop making Guinevere, Maid Marion, etc... traditional females suddenly turn into great warriors. It was so UNCOMMON. Please at least try to stay historically accurate!!!

Stop putting ethinic token chracters into settings they do not belong in and stop bowing to feminists! Seriously. I'm proud to be a MODERN WOMAN, but I also realize that the traditional roles females played 1200 years ago were VASTLY different.


Thank you!

[end rant]