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I am *SICK*

and the prospects do NOT look good.

I was sent home from work this morning because at that time I was feeling pretty much OKAY, but I had absolutely NO voice, none, nada, zip. Talking on the phone for 8 hours was NOT going to happen, and they couldn't find anything else for me to do so sent me home.

Which I'm GLAD NOW they did.

I have gone downhill on a bobsled all day.

I took my Zinc, and echenacia (sp), and vitamin C... took a nap even

Woke up from my nap and the body chills and aches have set in, the cough is getting worse, and my throat is on fire.

I will, if I ever see the WENCH who sits next to me, who's been hacking up a lung with bronchitis all damn week at work OUT of Work, I am so planting my foot firmly up her ass.

I do not need this shit, I do not need someone ELSE'S COLD

and bronchitis scares me, I'm HIGHLY susceptible to it, and it lands my ass in the hospital with pneumonia, every SINGLE TIME I've had it.

I do no need this....


*cough wheeze*

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