December 26th, 2009

Dancing Snoopy

Kindle LOVE

I <3 My Kindle....

I've only spent Hours playing with it today. I managed to pic up seriously about 800 books today!

I have the complete Works of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Jules Verne, HG Wells, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and the list goes ON!

I mean I got every single one of those listed above for about oh 5 Bucks! I kid you not! For example... I have all 71 books Oscar Wilde ever wrote for 99 cents.

Yes. a Buck.

I had a book-dork-gasm!

Many Public Domain classics are free!



I will be more than happy to send to your kindle any of my stories. will charge you .15 cents per MB per download to your Kindle. (Most if not ALL my stories will cost 15-30 cents the document files are very small even for my full blown original novels).

1.) First make sure to add "fablespinner[at]hotmail[dot]com" to your approved e-mail address list under your "Manage my Kindle" section on

2.) Send me an E-MAIL (at the above email address) with your kindle e-mail address (also found under the “Manage my Kindle” section on Amazon’s website) and tell me which story title you would like me to send to your kindle.


Subject Header: Kindle Request

Body: Please send “Title Here” to “”.

It's that easy, I tested it with my Kindle and it worked just dandy.