August 7th, 2009

Thanksgiving MMMM pie!

Dana The Lazy Cook's Recipe of the Day - Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Veggie soup.

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Veggie soup.

In a large crock pot (Slow Cooker) combine
1 cut up Butternut Squash **
2 cut up Sweet potatoes (Yams)
2 cups sliced carrots (Round disks/crinkle cut) (1 bag frozen works nicely too)
2 cups sweet corn (1 bag frozen works nicely too)
3 sliced into rings Leeks (Just the bulb not the stalks)
fill rest of crock pot with chicken broth
Let cook on Low all day, stirring occasionally
I add/sprinkle a little dried parsley for looks since you don't really taste it in the soup.

Now here's how to dress up the leftovers for the next night:

Bust out your crock pot again... (I have two maybe three crock pots actually for this purpose!)
Let your Leftovers sit in the fridge you won't need them until 2 hours before you're ready to eat.

In the Crock toss in some chicken early in the day. I always use both white and dark meat for flavor because I think Dark meat has more flavor than white but some folks differ so use what you like. Today I used boneless skinless breasts and thighs. maybe 2-3 pounds I didn't check. It was what I had on hand.

I covered the meat in the crock with just about 1.5 cans of chicken broth/stock and I cranked the crock up to high for about five hours and let it disintegrate my meat into juicy, fall apart tenderness.

about 2 hours before dinner time, I dumped in the Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Veggie soup leftovers and a bag of frozen peas, topped up the crock with the stock/broth I had left (if you have any left) and let that cook on high for an hour then on low for an hour.

Totally changes your leftovers in flavor so it's not the same on night #2 (and lunch on Day #3!  )

and let's face it, I am a LAZY COOK.

I love great, tasty meals but I hate cooking, I loathe stirring pots and pans and trying to time everything to be done at the same time so I have learned to ABUSE my slow cooker.

You can adjust my portions easily, I feed four adults and my hubby is a huge eater (The skinny SOB!) Great for Dorm Rooms, Students and other lazy cooks like me! This also is great for small budgets, makes your money stretch, you can eat for days on this recipe for probably under $20 if you shop right!

And High Schoolers, this is EASY! Surprise your Mom & Dad with Dinner one night on this, they will appreciate it after work, trust me. You might even make Mom cry (And get to stay out that extra hour LOL!)

More of my recipes later, I have a ton in my head.

** For those daunted by Butternut squash, it's easy to prepare. Slice in half, scoop out the seeds (like a pumpkin), then take a vegetable peeler to the skin (it's thin on a butternut squash). Then just chop into 1/2 inch pieces, it'll take 5-10 minutes prep time, that's all.