December 9th, 2008

Is That Porn?

Early Porno Christmas!

I am contemplating today's youth... I just got a nude text message from a very sexy young man I know not... word of advice: check the number before SENDING!

A Very toned young African American man is now wallpaper on my cellphone, both my hubby and I laughing our asses off as the text message came while we were watching Keith Olberman tonight. Dude, who takes a picture of themselves in their bathroom mirror and does not triple check he is sending this photo to his girlfriend and not some total stranger who will shamelessly admire sexy youth, hell I paint nude men, can we say thanks for my next nude model reference? LOL.

Oh and yes, I texted him back thanking him for the photo and alerting him to his faux pas... I got back a reply I don't "get"... He said and I quote: "Is Trice by You"... Eh? I guess I'm too old to get today's slang or he can't type. *laughs again*
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