December 28th, 2007

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

OUCH -- Car Accident for Christmas


First the Good News:
John took me out to the ballet on the 23rd, we Saw "The Nutcracker" and it was lovely.
Then Christmas Eve's Formal Affair complete with evening gowns and tuxedos (Yes, I wore an evening dress believe it or not) which we spent with John's Family (We hosted the Dinner) again it was lovely.
Christmas Day my Parent's came over and we Hosted a more casual Christmas Dinner. I never got out of my pajamas ^_^

Then I went to Best Buy the morning of the 26th. Mom and Dad got me a lovely 12.1 mega pixel Sony camera for Christmas and I wanted to get a memory stick for it. So took my camera, got the memory stick... loaded it in the camera and then proceeded to drive home.
I had just turned onto the road out of the parking lot... I had right of way through the intersection... when WHAM out of nowhere this 17-18 year old girl driving a honking big Ford Explorer just drives right through her stop sign and I "T-Bone" her passenger door.
Thankfully I had my brand new camera and a brand new memory stick to take pictures at the scene.

My Car is totaled. (Click for larger Images)

Go Here to see more pictures of the accident

My back is killing me, went to the Emergency room and have acute cervical strain and lower back strain and chest contusions from the seat belt but other than that I am okay.
LUCKILY... because my AIR BAG did NOT GO OFF! And it should have with a front end collision at 10-20 mph which I was travelling.
I am going to seriously get a lawyer to contact KIA and find out why my AIR BAG failed to deploy, that could be a serious fatal problem for someone else going any faster than I was.

But back to happier stuff... Christmas Photos with my New Camera....
It takes GORGEOUS pictures.

Go Here to my LJ Gallery for Christmas Pictures