November 25th, 2007

Dancing Snoopy

Videos, Videos and MORE videos...

As promised, here are all the video clips I've taken of my Journey from California to Virginia and then Back again into Kentucky... Lots of Videos Guys!

First, I'll Start with the TOUR of the Condo here in Louisville since those are the clips I know most of you want to see first... I've split them into several clips to upload it to YouTube properly, there is a lot to show and see here:

First the Clips I took and then the Clips John took where he explains his painting techniques. I set this up as a playlist so I'm not filling up your pages with individual players, please watch them in order or you'll go "Huh?". ^_^

Parts One-Five:

I am still uploading the Journey Clips and then a Tour of our House after I attacked it with Christmas Decorations... Those are coming in a post as soon as they finish uploading!