September 28th, 2007

Suck Thumb

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane... er Kia Sephia....

My last post for a while...
Monday I'll be heading out to Virginia and I'm swamped with last minute OMGWTF-ness getting ready to minimize my entire LIFE into my Car and live with nothing for the next six months to a year.
It's daunting and sad. No Christmas with Mom and Dad this year, no thanksgiving, no books, no internet, just my bare necessities.

I can't respond to comments guys, I'm unplugging my computer and packing it. So unless you don't mind me not responding don't leave a message, I won't see it for some time to come.

I'm gonna miss everyone desperately, you are all my very best friends in the world and I feel like I'm severing a limb here when I unplug the computer.

Don't forget me please and call if you'd like to say "HI" ... I'd like that.
Take Care everyone, I love you guys!

559-300-7586 -- CELL
276-865-4240 -- Grandma's Land Line in Virginia (I'll be there after 10.08.07)

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