February 27th, 2007

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

TO BJD owners on my list - creative Furniture Option

This is a perfect swanky couch for your 60cm or 70 cm dolls
There are a TON of these on ebay too, I found like 50 of them all for under $40 including shipping.

Yes, it's a pet bed TECHNICALLY
but a lot easier on a wallet than the "Official" furniture you can buy and the cheese factor alone of the leopard skin is great!
I just bought one for Perdain so I can display him on my shelf safely when he arrives.

This is also a more traditional option for your doll
Shaker Bed
also a pet bed, but can you tell the difference? No!
I'm Famous on the Internet!


I love the creative ways people ask for "Free Art" This was a "note" I was sent on DeviantArt....


wanna join my club ^_^

its a club dedicated to my original characters and i have thei character descriptions and a link to their pictures.. you can do fanart and flashes of them.. if you want to join you can go to my club page and click "watch this deviant" and i will do the same.. and if you have an art and or flash for the club send me a linkin notes to the flash and or picture.. if you wanna join. ^_^ i really hope you do.. you can still draw real anime characters and your own original the only rule in art for m club is that at least one of my characters has to be in it.. and you have control of my babies.. ^_^ i love to see what other people will do with my characters.. yay! peas join here is the icon to my club (Link removed)

Um... Can we say... No? And learn how to spell.. Please.
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