December 26th, 2006

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

OMG Christmas Blow Out....

Jesus, it took us 4 hours to open gifts this morning... O_o Mom had like 87 million gifts under the tree this year and Dad was just shy of that.
O_o Holy Schomoley!

I already posted what I bought for the Parental Units...

This is the Haul I got:
1. JVC 30GB HD Camcorder
2. iPod Video 80 GB
3. $500 Gift Card Visa (Already BLOWN online buying Extra batteries and carry cases etc... for the electronic gadgets and what was leftover I bought about 20 books on! Electronics and Books! YIPPEEEEEE!!!)
4. Some Nifty Sony Wireless Headphones. ^_^
5. One Year Membership to Red Carpet Car Wash... I can wash my damn car every damn day. (Can you tell this came from my Dad? Loller Skates, I think this is a hint to wash my car more often no? ^_^)

Then the Cheap traditional, I get every year and love presents:
6. Mr. Winkle Calendar and
7. Engagement Daily Planner (Cutest Damn Dog EVAR! i am so gonna cry when this baby dog dies, he's so sweet.)
8. Box of Assorted Chocolates. (YUM)

Stocking Stuffers:
9. Again, every year since I was 2 years old I get the lifesavers story book (About 8 rolls of lifesavers in a cute little paper fold up book. The butter rum lifesavers are already history. ^_^
10. Cell Phone Mount/Holder Clip for my Car
11. 34 Psi Tire Pressure Indicator Caps (Radio Shack's Brand) I have a slow leak in my Front Driver's side tire, VERY VERY SLOW, so these will help keep an great eye on my tires so I can add a little air when I need to. Very cool, I'd have never thought of something like this, leave it to my daddy.


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