December 22nd, 2006

Blackadder Sausage Time!


Tasteless humor and Very, VERY RUDE ART....

For nathie since TEH EVIL PENIS got her banninated from DA today....

I swear, ya know it just boils down to either PENIS ENVY or severe homophobia or a combination of the two.

You can have mutilated, cut and bleeding c--nts with tampon strings hanging out and splayed out on a butcher block and that's "High Art!!! DAILY DEVIATION!!!! FOR THE WIN!!!111oneoneone

But show a cock (Or just hide the cock artfully behind a sheet even, If it's implied that two guys are having sex...) and OMG OH NOES OUR VIRGIN EYES!!!!!

*rolls eyes*

I just love their double standards so here's a Flying F--CK YOU to DA and a Joke for Nathie!

Nathie wanted to see my "Stan Da Man" Muse... Here he is.

The lazy BUM! He eats all my Pork Rinds and Salsa, smokes all mycigarettes, He's addicted to Daytime Judge Judy type shows, he's afreeloader, farts at will and can Belch the Greek alphabet to the 1812overture.

He's all Class... All Third!

(He also has Issues with Spiral Sea's  Muse "Butch"....
It's a clashing of the Seme's and who has the bigger Cock package, Stud Machine competition. (Stan's just Jealous of Butch)

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