December 12th, 2006

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Christmas Cards

First off empress_miyu OMG what a beautiful card you drew!
AND THE ENVELOPE TOO! I have both sitting on the mantle
I also got cards from petermaxwell & raighne, arana_suteshi, tpod, sharona1x2, windtear, & wicked_ink

and the first of the RETURN TO SENDERs is back and I knew it would...
because you didn't provide me your last name for the card, only your first name, the post office refused to deliver it and sent it back to me.
I knew the post would do that, they always do guys, for snail mail you gotta give folks your full name, especially this time of year.
aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Our Tree...

Flash On! Flash Off!

The big green box with the red bow and poinsettias is Aeris' Spark Art Easel... That is the coolest thing EVAR!
Sorry Shawn, Some Adult assembly required. :P
We also got her My First LeapPad Learning System
Luke I just got some Fisher Price Baby toys, he's only just over a year old, he gives a shit what he gets, it's a TOY!

I spent so much money on everyone this year and I am flat broke and loving every second of it!
What I got Dad:
Ipod 4GB Nano (in Black)
Silicon Cover For it (in Smoky Black)
Logitec Speakers for it
Mini 1.7 CFT fridge for his office at work

What Mommy Gets:
Nintendo DS Lite
18 PC Starter kit for it Earbuds, 2 finger stylus, car adapter, games cases etc.... (No link I could find... THIS is close.)
Super Mario Brothers
Brain Age
HP All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Photosmart/fax Printer

That's just what I spent on the folks... MasterCard, do not give me a brand spanking new business credit card with a beefy limit just before Christmas ... that's dangerous.
I loaded that sucker up to the max (But I'll pay it off with my tax return so no worries.)

I bought myself a Christmas Present too, since I was going to spend the tax return on this anyway, and it's safe to say no one else bought me this! LOL
So I get it now pay it off in February when I get my check:
My Toshiba, lovingly nicknamed "ELMO" (Aeris Named it)

I had originally bought the Gateway CX2726 but you saw my RANT on that piece of shit I took back and replaced with the Toshiba.
Only problem, the mouse pad on the toshiba is sensitive and NEEDY finds it very easy to shut my active windows with her chin when she demands to lay on me while I work!


It's going to be a very Merry Christmas, YUP YUP!