October 16th, 2006

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


OKAY Yaoi-Con Attendees...
Specifically those of you coming in and out of my room on regular basisesesssssssss preciousssssessssss
(especially my roomies! caerfree & caro_t)

My Cell Phone

Don't know room # yet... call me when you get in and I'll give it to you.
I am arriving Thursday Afternoon probably around 3-4 pm
I'm leaving my house about Noon and it's 3-4 hour drive for me.

What I'm bringing to the room:

small crock pot (I am so cooking for myself)
electric kettle
enough varieties of tea (black, green and herbals and everything inbetween) to choke a horse
instant cocoa mix (hey can't be picky in a hotel room)
tons of splenda packets, if you want real sugar, better bring it.
the staples like bread, Peanut Butter, lunch meat
Paper plates, plastic utensils, paper bowls etc...

if you want more food or booze you supply it please
I'd love to feed every one and all but hey the reason I'm cooking is to save a little cash man.

Laptop (to watch Pron man!!!!)
(oh and the dealer's room STUFF!)

is there anything else other than like clothes? LOL

When is the Porn Party this year?
same as every year....

Beginning probably 8 or 9 ish (Whenever folks drag themselves in from events no schedule yet so clueless when thing END on Saturday night...)

What to bring with you? Whatever food/drink you want and dig out your p0rn stash (anime or live) and we'll add it to the playlist.

Nothing better(or more fun) than MSTing porn with a bunch of sick ladies! :pppppp

Okay the stressing can officially commence in 5-4-3-2-1!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
(not that I haven't already been stressing for WEEKS getting preapred!)

Final note to Sakuranbo Studio Peeps...
spubba, thevirginreaper, themscarecrows, themdolphins, caro_t, & vampireskiss

AFTER YOU CHECK IN AT REGISTRATION DO NOT FORGET TO IMMEDIATELY COME TO THE DEALER'S ROOM TO EXCHANGE YOUR VISITOR BADGE FOR A DEALER'S BADGE WITH tpod (TRACY) WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE DEALER'S ROOM AS ALWAYS!!!! Don't forget or you be locked out of the room like everyone else during set up and stuff... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to meet in my Room (Call me) at 6:30 PM Friday night (If you are in yet) We can set up our booth between 7-11 pm Friday night and let's get it done quick so we can go piss about. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get our booth set up if we have a lot of hands to help shelp.


aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Missing Artist...

Does anyone know whatever happened to Anry Nemo?
He's a fabulous russian Artist I first found in 2003 on DeviantArt http://anry.deviantart.com
He's not logged on there in 97 weeks
in fact *EVERYTHING* on this guy just STOPS in December 2003
I mean nothing new, nothing posted I've scoured google and check every single gallery he's every belonged to and THEN SOME
his website POOF gone http://anry.ru

Anyone who follows this guy too and know where he vanished to?
The only thing I found current through google was some guy with a Yahoo 360 page pretending to be Anry

I'm really hoping this guy didn't die or something, that would be so very tragic.