August 26th, 2006


Vox Account and life in general

So like I don't have enough blogs?

I have LJ for my personal crappage: fablespinner
I have Blogger for my Art and Writing:
I use that for announcing things like book releases etc....

and now I have a Vox account:
This is good for media sharing especially. So head on over to my vox account and friend that
if you want to listen to the Music I upload or read my book recs. I doubt anything uber personal will ever go in that one
just a media share blog for me really.

I have 2 invites left if anyone wants a vox account of their own...

As for me I've been so sick I've missed a whole week of work and my ribcage feels like a buick has run over me from coughing.

Here comes the TMI....
Run for the hills

The coughing is so bad, my sphincter gave up the ghost DAYS a ago... I'm into the wearing the depends stage of the cold.
I hate when it's so bad every cough or sneeze has you pissing yourself.


I feel like shit, my birthday is tomorrow and I started my period today on top of everything else, now I also have killer CRAMPS

Oh, nice way to turn 35 here... It's like the warranty just expired and everything is crapping out.


But I did get a new Razr V3 upgrade for my phone (YAY, I love that damn phone) and a SNOW CONE ICE SHAVER
for my B-day from the 'rents and caro_t got me this: Bullseye Ball game which is a lot of fun, even if that little trampoline thingy makes the balls slide all over my coffee table. LOL.

So yeah, life update from the sick one in California.