June 18th, 2006

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Happy Father's Day

To anyone on my flist who is a Dad -- Happy Daddy's day!
I got mine TiVo and he's already abusing the system
(Hell, I'm gonna abuse that bad boy, what a WONDERFUL invention TiVo, Dad's had it about 2 weeks now and goodness do we have it working overtime in the house already.)

He and Mom love those CSI type shows and there are so many on at the same time as each other they used to record hours worth of episdoes on Video Tape and then binge on the weekends.


They still binge on the weekends, but no searching though tapes, no grainy ass images at 6 hour speed, they can watch the episodes in the order they want to, etc...

They are currently on a MONK bender in the living room :PPP

So daddy's day present a resounding sucess.


Me? THe only shows on TV I like are HOUSE HUNTERS and DIVINE DESIGN on HGTV so yeah, I'm digging it too.