November 21st, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Nano Count

52,947 / 50,000

70,465 / 50,000

I not only busted the word count, but the page count!
They said 175 page novel
I'm on page 181 and like the energizer bunny STILLLLL GOING!


Average DAILY word count?

Began Writing on 11.09.05 - 11.21.05
12 Days

Let's see if I can't get 100,000 words and double the goal ne?
aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Voice Post:

188K 0:54
“D (in an especially whiny voice): oh please save me from bad high school marching bands playing christmas music while i’m sitting here at lunch time outside trying to have a nice peaceful smoke. oh my goooood. my office building is, like, the parking lot separates us from... a high school. **bitter chuckle** and they’re HORRIBLE. and deck the halls with boughs - boughs of holly has never sounded more like a dying elk EVER in my lifetime. the note’s in there somewhere kids, you can find it, i’m sure. there’s only eight to choose from - pick one... and hopefully it will be right! oh god, it’s horrible. so i’m being serenaded by bad christmas music and it’s not even thanksgiving yet. oooooooh booooooy. **sighs** that’s it. just calling to bitch and moan and whine in my journal. goodbye! **click**”

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