October 28th, 2005

YAY!!! Momiji Chibi Dive

Post from the Con....

Everyone's posted to their LJ's using my computer but me!

Here in the Westin Room 359

I'm typing in the pitch dark because jo_mako is snoring her bloody head off. O_o I forgot how bad sharky and her nose that is purely for decoration snores....
Hung out with spubba, jo_mako and tammylee most of today. Ran into kelroni, tpod, ponderosa121, windosorblue, suzume_sparrow, sharona1x2, klingonpoo, jana1x2x1, and caerfree called me on my drive up and vr2lbast, virginreaperwill be in as well tomorrow. and so many more regulars are filtering in.. No wonder my flist is dead... we're all here! LOL (Except caro_t I miss you babe!!!)

Holy Hell mako jo-jo!!! I think she just snorted up a lung!! O_O
I am so not gonna get a wink of sleep tonight with the chainsaw in here.
I am so giving you hell in the morning babe.

I Plan on being a bum most of the day tomorrow too, sketch session in the lobby/conversation pit with Spubba and whomever else filter in.
Then Saturday Sakuranbo Studios will be in the Fan Market (i.e.: me, spubba and virginreaper since we're the only ones from the studio here.)

Sunday, Spubba's Advanced CG Techniques panel is scheduled for 9:00 and we spent (Read spubba spent, I watched) a couple of hours Getting my laptop set up to power the demonstration panel. Read: Load up all sorts of high tech programs I have no clue how to use other than Poser and Photoshop!!! LOL

Working okay thusfar.

Monday is putter around with whomever is left, Spubba and I will probably do dorky fannish things whoopee!

Then I drive home Tuesday Morning and I have the rest of the week off to recover from this weekend where I will get no bloody sleep!


I also managed to call everyone I know to tell them that GEORGE TAKEi (Mr. Sulu, Star Trek) Came out of the closet

What an appropriate weekend for him to do this. set the whole mood for the con!


Signing off to smother Mako with a pillow so I can SLEEEP!!!!

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