October 25th, 2005

YAY!!! Momiji Chibi Dive

Yaoi-Con ON VACATION!!!!

Well it's zero hour... I'm gonna finish packing and I'm heading out tomorrow. I'm on Vacation from work for 12 days... HALLELUJAH!
Those interested keep an eye on my LiveJournal...

I'll make a phone post when I get in with my room number and such for those of you wanting to drop by if you're in early/staying late too.

I'm in the Westin from Wednesday Afternoon - Tuesday Morning

And seeing as I really don't mind people having this, if you're at the con and you want to meet me... my Cell # 559-300-7586 you can call it anytime while at the con. (Hell anytime you feel like it really, I have free nights and weekends and 1000 whenever minutes I never use up so... just remember my time zone is USA Pacific that is -8GMT) So no calling like at 3 am or something, please do the math. YIKES

If I don't answer it's one of a few reasons:
#1) Phone on Silent at work/in a con panel/'m sleeping and I can't hear it, leave a message and I'll call you back.
#2) Left it in my purse and the battery died
#3) There usually isn't a #3

I will be MIA and come back to probably an overflowing flist when I get back.

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


I actually began writing this October 2004 and got it almost completed and then got distracted. I found it and finished it at last. This is Currently the BETA version, my lovely editor sel_barton currently is working on fixing my errors. I just wanted to post this before I headed off to Con, cause who knows when I'll be able to after....

SYNOPSIS: Art is in the Eye of the Beholder and in the heart of the Artisan. When Robin Wood lost his hearing as a little boy, he'd found it difficult to fit into the world around him. Until he met Chris and His Grandmother Hope. Who taught him handicaps are only that if you allow them to be. What lessons he learned at ten-years-old he would carry with him the rest of his turblent life...

Read it Here: "SilverWolf's Robin" under fake cut (NC-17)

y-con realted: OMG I have so much *STUFF* O_O

My trunk is full of Sakuranbo Studios Shit. (spubba, thevirginreaper, sharona1x2 & ponderosa121 make sure you see me, I have stuff for you!)...

I have my laptop, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse *AND* my wacom (*nervous about my 'holy grail' baby)  for spubba to abuse during the Sunday Advanced CG panel. COME PEOPLE! COME! I know the panel is early but sooooo going to be worth it just to tap into Spubba's brain for an hour.

I have my portfolios and assorted sketching supplies...

I have my Art Show Stuff mounted and ready to go....

I have my entire fucking closet with me I think, ya know, just in case I spill shit on myself (Which I'm prone to do and you don't want to know how many pairs of clean undies I have in the suitcase, really.)...

I have a suitcase just for shoes/boots (I'm such a fucking GIRLY-GIRL)...

I have a suitcase for my bathroom shit. Cause I must pack the loofa don'tcha know!! ><__><...

I have a cooler insulated suitcase for my daily meds alone!! I look like a major junky with all the insulin needles man. O_O...

(God I hope you don't get squicked by needles vr2lbast. I gotta shoot up three times a day now. And anyone that goes out to dinner with me, be prepared for D to discreetly have to shoot up at the meal. I have a little pen needle I have to take at Breakfast and Dinner and then the regular vial type insulin at bedtime. Not to mention I gotta do finger prick tests like 8 times a day anymore. I really hope my friends can handle me with needles this year. I took a nose dive with the Diabetes this year. But it's stable again (And better than EVER) thanks to the new meds! YAY, just annoying to always have to carry this shit around and my stomach is constantly bruised from the shots I give myself.)

Well, the dryer is buzzing... back to finishing up packing fresh clean clothes. AHHHH downey fresh!

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Tips for first time con goers


There is an Albertson's SuperMarket just down the street from the con hotels

Sandwich Fixings
Plastic utensils/Paper Plates etc...
and things that will "Keep" in your room.

and the restaurants can get EXPENSIVE
Limit your "eating out" to dinner and keep breakfast and lunch in your room
they have small refrigderators for the perishables

I take my little electric kettle with me to boil water, but if you don't have one they have those little coffee pots in the rooms you can just run water through.

I always take little instant packs of oatmeal for breakfast and granola bars for breakfast
I buy fresh fruit at the supermarket etc...

TRUST ME, you want your money for the Dealer's Room right?
This is the BEST and EASIEST WAY to save a BUNDLE.