September 30th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

What am I missing?

Half of My Friends list are posting things called "Serenity" and "Firefly" and I've no bloody clue what that is...
I feel like the kid who doesn't get called for dodge ball in gym class all of a sudden.

I'm out of the loop!!! *ACK*

What *AM* I missing that seems to have taken over my flist?

What be Serenity and/or Firefly minna san?
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

I'm surrounded by CUTENESS... YAY!

I had today off, and it's a good thing I did. Our next door neighbor Jessica came over in a panic. She's the neighbor I mentioned who is Deaf, really nice lady. She handed me a note when I opened the door. She had a spur of the moment Job Interview at a school in Hanford for the Children with disabilities teaching position and she needed a baby sitter desperately. She had to be there before 4PM and it was already almost 3PM... So sure no problem. Cody (age 2) and Cadence (age 1) are two REALLY adorable kids and Mom and I were both here so it wasn't a problem.

The kids were napping next door, so I went over to sit until they woke up while Jessica headed out to her job interview. Cadence woke up about 5 minutes after her mom left, so I got her up and brought her over to mom really quickly and then went back over to wait for Cody to wake up, which was about 10-15 minutes later. So went and collected the boy child and toddled him over to play with his sister. (Who already had all of Aeris' toys spread out over the living room floor) ^_^

Cody is a little version of the stereotypical fandom Quatre. He's adorable to the extreme, obsessive compulsive neat. (I mean really neat. All the doors in the house MUST be closed, The Crayons must all be neat in the box and only take out one at a time, put it back and close the box in-between colors, and just totally attentive to his little sister. WHo also made his neat efforts with the crayons Futile. Because as HE put them away, she dragged them back out again. ^_^)

They were sharing a little bowl of those ritz/peanut butter crackers (Gross, but hey Kids love that crap) and there was one left in the bowl. He took it out of the bowl and didn't blink tiwce as he fed the last one to his sister rather than eating it himself.


The only trouble is... Communication. Aeris is almost 2 and has a better working vocabulary than Cody. But Cody and Cadence can both SIGN. And I can't sadly. So finding out what they need is HARD because even though they can both hear FINE, mommy does not, so her kids talk to her in sign language.

Cody knows a little, because his Dad isn't deaf, but Daddy works so Justin's not around the kids as much as Jessica is... Cody understands YOU if you talk, but his own speaking communication is far behind babies his own age. But he was signing up a storm for me and I felt so helpless at times trying to understand what the hey he was trying to tell me.

Even the BABY was signing.

But thankfully babies are babies and eventually you figure out what they want (Pee, poop, eat, toy, juice... it's gotta be one of those!) And all is good again.

Naturally, I took pictures.

Cody's do not do him justice, he's just positively angelic when he smiles. Huge blue eyes, blond hair.
Cadence has GORGEOUS hazel eyes that take up half her face. She's really hard to get to smile, she's just totally SERENE.

And of course the Pictures end with More of Aeris and Luke.
Aeris is still the prettiest damn baby (IMO) I have ever had the joy of warping.
Luke's only about 3 weeks old in his picture and already gained 6 pounds! The little PORKER!
And the last picture will show you all what I've been telling you. Aeris has the sharpest wit and most ornery mean streak in her. LOL
I love the smirk, it so sums up her personality.

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