September 20th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

[NEW FEATURE] This Week's "Featured Artist" 09.20.2005

I think I will start a new Thing here in my Journal once a week....

Some Artists are JUST PLAIN MIND BOOGLING FANTASTIC and new ones are joining every day and I think I will just start doing a weekly featured artist.

If something really blows me off my feet.... If I find a something Unique that makes me stare for hours, etc.... Things that just MUST be shared with everyone so they don't miss out on a real GEM!

Like this Artist who is fairly New to Y!G, I stumbled onto her late last night while surfing the new uploads....

and her art positively made me go GREEN with the wonderful, glorious, good-kind of ENVY!


Wow, just WOW!

just go look at everything she has, I'm absolutely in AWE of her portraits.

And WISH beyond WISH I had her painting skills.

Go Look, give her lots of Hits and Favs she's really, REALLY earned them.