August 17th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Proud of my Dad

This won't appeal to anyone but professional guitarists....

but Dad was working with a dude by the name of Tom Short in making a pick-up for his D'Angelico to mimic the sound of the old 30's era jazz guitarists.
Over the past few months they must have sent a dozen prototypes back and forth and they nailed it last night.

Tom named the pick-up after my dad since he was so instrumental in developing the sound of a pick-up that hasn't been available to guitarists since 1938 when the pick-up this was modeled after was discontinued.

*proud of dad*

Here's the website where it's for sale now:

The Steve Bistrow Western Swing/Jazz Floater

*note the picture is of my Dad's D'Angelico with the pick up installed. The pick up is that tiny gold box looking thing under the strings. THat's basically what "pick up" the sound of the strings and sends it electronically to the amp on an electric guitar in a nutshell.

Picture does not do that guitar justice. It's a BEAUTIFUL instrument (Should be for $10,000! O_o)
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