July 28th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


Willing to Trade Skill for Skill
I need HELP... I need help redesigning my website.
I like simple, I like clean, I like CSS stylesheets
trouble is, I have to sit HOURS and HOURS and HOURS trying to figure out WTF the stuff *is*, what it *does* and HOW THE F--K am I supposed to code that again?

All I need is a nice TEMPLATE, something I can tweak. Just a basic template that I can plug information into.

I el-sucko web-design-o

I mean look at my current website... LAME!!!!

That's about the EXTENT of my CSS skills.

I just want something simple, clean, linear, easy to read etc...

I'd be will to trade a full color art commission for a single page template design.


Here are examples of websites I consider, clean and linear....

SOmething like this is nice and simple:

I don't want a COPY of any of these sites, just showing how SIMPLE I like things. (You can see simple on my page now.) I just cannot understand anything MORE than that.... honestly. It breaks my brain. I need a template I can work off of. *cries*

If you have these skills and would be willing to trade a commisson from me to sit with me and work on a page template I'm all ears.

(I do need to see SOMETHING you've already designed though. Please. Only serious takers who do know webdesign. Thanks!)


Oh and Yeah I'm treading the commissions waters again....

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