July 19th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


Okay Personal opinions to a Gamer VIRGIN...

Which system is best for Quest Adventure Games (Not Shoot 'em ups only.)
Games that require puzzle solving, riddles, the occasional blow up/slash the zombie to get to the puzzle games....
Since my MOM will be the one mainly playing these things. I'm always a backseat gamer... I love to watch.
(Like games like MYST, The Seventh Guest, Legend of Zelda, etc... Mom likes those types of games)

Which system has the best graphics and variety of games?

(Or another I have no clue what's available out there. I haven't owned a game system since ATARI 400 Okay)

Why? Cause I just got a nice (and unexpected) monetary bonus for being a Good worker (Yippee! MONEY! Well AMEX gift card in the mail today...) and I want to spend it on a game system for my mom.

[EDIT] Just got off the phone with caro_t and she's convinced me the PS2 is the way to go for what mom likes to play.
I'm off to buy mommy a game system.

Christmas in July!
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