April 10th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

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Damn hit 6000 hits today on y-gallery, WOW THAT WAS FAST!

Had my temporary crowns put in today and my mouth is soooo sore. ><___>< Thank you Motrin!

Once again spubba and I had another marathon phone call. Jeez we're chatty! I checked my phone log after I hung up 3:52:49 KRIMINEY! What is it that we get going and time FLIES? It did not seem like almost 4 bloody hours. I think we are the only two people on the planet who "Go Shopping" not to a store, but on the phone and on-line. "OH LOOK AT THIS!!! (type type...) WOW, COOL! :lol: LOL. I should NOT go shopping with you on-line... You know my DAZ WISHLIST is up to like $721.00 I'm so pathetic. Pretty things make me drool!

I got fuck all else done today. And I don't care! I had a nice lazy day and a long nap after the dentist which was nice.

Tomorrow's plans I'm heading out with  caro_t we're off to do girly things such as getting the eastern european blood in me "Waxed" away (ie: the eyebrows of DOOM! on my face.) Damn Slavic genes. Then Getting a pedicure (unnnnnnn, I love those.) and then doing lunch whereever we drift off to and just pissing away another day. W00T!

Monday, no plans other than parking my ass in front of my computer to work on art Projects.

Tuesday is my Surgery and then Wednesday is my lay around and moan day before back to work on Thursday.. Sigh.
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