April 4th, 2005

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


Mom upgraded and she's selling her old computer

$200.00 (That INCLUDES shipping we figured that into the price)
Perfect Starter Computer for a Kid or just a spare.

Brand: TOSHIBA V3100
450 MHz
60 Gig (On 2 internal hard drives one 20 Gig one 40 Gig)
256 Ram (She thinks, she can't remember if she added more to it or not.)
Intel Celeron Processor
Win 98 Installed
CD ROM (not R/W)
Wireless Internet Adapter Installed
Eternet Installed Web Ready
Speakers (Labtec)
17" Monitor
Keyboard, Mouse
The whole bloody thing sans a printer.
The computer is 5 Years old and in EXCELLENT Condition.

First to respond gets it.... Posted here and in my Y!G journal -- I'll announce the first respondee when it happens since I have this up in 2 places.

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