February 3rd, 2005


If I see one more Valentine....

I will fsking HURL. I really, REALLY hate this upcoming holiday.

I was always the kid in class with the empty bag hanging off my desk...
I was always the adult who remembered to show the one *I* loved appreciation...

The bag still hangs empty, story of my life.
(Unless you count a cheesy free e-card sent at like 11 pm on Valentine's Day because they almost forgot, I have one then.
I feel like Ralphie in the Simpsons when Lisa felt sorry for him and gave him one of hers, I so wish I were kidding there.)

So please stop sending me requests in my e-mail for Valentine Pictures of my characters or Valentine Fanart.
I hate this holiday MMmmm Kay? It just reminds me what a loser I am, Okay? Thanks.

Going to work now... *sigh*
(Disabling comments, I so don't wanna talk about it. I was just venting.)
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frustrated to the point of wanting to throw my computer across the room


I do not know how people can use Poser.... When I get frustrated to the point I'm CRYING UNCONTROLLABLY, it's time to give the fuck up.

I have NO IDEA what the fuck to do, how to load things, how to change things, I can't understand a SINGLE tutorial when I can't even figure out the BASICS, it's like they're talking in a foreign language.

I have no idea how anybody does this stuff, I've spent four hours and learned absolutely NOTHING

I hate feeling like a fucking incompetant LOSER
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