January 16th, 2005

I survived 101

The LJ Blackout of 2005! Forget the Tsunami... LJ IS DOWN!!!! *MASS HYSTERIA*

These are fucking Hilareous
(Link taken from storm_maven)

No I didn't do Icon #2 (lies through teeth) I did refresh about a gazillion times HOPING LJ was back...

then it did come back and I Squeed (I am so addicted to my flist, I go through withdrawls if I don't know what you all are doing every second of the day damn it!)

and then it did come back up, but seeing as I am on CHEF FUCKING CLUSTER!!!! ><_O Which is always the last to MOVE and the FIRST to BREAK.... I could only read others while I sat here in Read_Only Land until about Midnight-ish Oh LJ never, never break again!
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I survived the 05 Blackout

New Friend on LJ -- OLD Friend IRL

Oh and I made my Long time Girlfriend her very own LJ (OMG LIKE SOMEONE DIDN'T HAVE ONE?!?! HOW CAN YOU NOT BE ON LJ? *SHOCK*)
shashin_o_toru She's an Lj virgin, but will try. Be kind you bohemians! I know the loonies on my flist! *GRIN*

Welcome Gabrielle (Dawn) shashin_o_toru (Take a Picture) to LJ!

She's still pretty much the same after 25 years.(God It's been a long time, 1/4 CENTURY Sheesh)
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