November 28th, 2004

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

What have I been working on this week?

Original Work in Progress---

It's Music, and science fiction, and holiday crap all in one. I have so many works in progress, this is my current rabid bunny.

Read the Work in Progress:
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Samurai 7 - 17 ... HELP!

Does ANYONE know the correct BT tracker LINK to Samurai 7 17?

I've crawled all over IY-4EVER's site, NOTHING all the links are BAD, they are talking about a new european tracker in the forums, but naturally no LINK, just insults and laughing at leechers.

I may BT damn it and I don't chat while I do it, But I SEED FOR DAYS

Cut me some slack, and I really want 17 and cannot connect anywhere to get it (and I'm IRC STOOPID) I've tried over and over and all I get for my efforts in IRC is booted.

Even before I ask for a bot connection, I'll look for a trigger I can never get it to work, so I ASK the people in the room and I've given up on that, all you get is nasty teasing N00B!!!1111oneoneone (no respect at ALL -- not every person asking for help is a 13 year old kid spamming) and not a single person is kind. I have never been treated with respect in ANY IRC chatroom. I've come to the conclusion that IRC is the domain of Assholes ONLY CLUB, no one ever tries to help someone LEARN and over a year now of trying to learn and understand I've given up.

I'm not a techinical whiz-kid, I don't understand the language they put in FAQ pages.

What may seem simple to someone who uses IRC reads like badly translated Japanese to English stereo-instructions to the illiterate.

First you...< /msg ! whatz-its > then you < boom_bozo_boom! > Then you have it!

EH? What did you just say? Can I have that in ENGLISH PLEASE? I've not read a single IRC for dummies Faq page that I understood in the SLIGHTEST.

I'm sure it's EASY TO USE once you UNDERSTAND , it's understanding the INSTRUCTIONS that's difficult to a New person.

So yeah... HELP!!!!!!