September 18th, 2004

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Letting go of goodies....

Anyone still really active in GAIA

I have a shitload of stuff and letters you can have, if several of you post I'll divvy up the goods between you.

I haven't played there in ages and I have a huge inventory.

I also have 6 gmail invites to those wanting them.

and a NEW journal Layout for me too... I was in a earthy brown mood

If you want the BG for a 1024x768 WP Here it is (sans text)

EDIT -- The Gaia GiveAway is OVER I've given away EVERYTHING of any value over there. Just have the clothes on my back persay.

Hope you all enjoy your stuff!

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

(no subject)

Ai no Kusabi....eeehh....sketchy.
Hardcore Yaoi Fan!
You've watched Ai no Kusabi 100 times, and have so
many Yaoi mangas in your room, you're thinking
of adding an addition just to store them.  You
don't even bother LOOKING at a show if it
doesn't have SOME yaoi in it.  Bondage, NC,
Porn, you don't care, as long as all the
characters involved are male.  Your brain is so
saturated with Yaoi, you singger when you see
two cute guys ordering together at MacDonalds.
You are the epitome of Yaoi

What kind of Yaoi fan are YOU!?
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