August 11th, 2004

YAY!!! Momiji Chibi Dive


I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of the blue I got some feedback on my Greenlings Fic from a nice gentleman in Kentucky, who, much to my JOY, included a link to his website in his siggy.

It was time for me to send back some very joyful feedback of my own.

Mr. John Armstrong, you rock my socks.

Apparently, we share a lot of common interesets, music being just one of them, including us both being music majors, he a composer, and a DAMN GOOD ONE!

You must all go to his website THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW!!!! HERE... HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

and download all his works.... especially haydenthorne. Unnnnnnnnnnnn His "Red Preist" Concerto for Cello inspired by Vivaldi made D pee-pee her panties with JOY.

Let's just say I fangirled right back on his ass. I am downloading the rest of his stuff as I type this.

GO NOW, he's great!
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