May 5th, 2004


Quick Report

I am still sick -- very VERY sick

I've lost 10 pounds since Sunday -- No joke.
Cause I weighed myself on Saturday and I just got off the scale 10.25 pounds

If I had insurance my ass would be in the hospital.


Kelly called me today (and we talked in-between my coughing)

Of course they want to know when I'll be back at work, I told them the truth "I was hoping yesterday".

I'm stuck I can't even walk to the bathroom without feeling faint and getting an asthma attack.

I've had a fever for days I can't shake, hot and cold flashes, stuffed up head, lungs


I think the worst part are the abused stomach muscles, tight neck muscles and pounding headache from the coughing.


Report on Health OVER to those who care about me ... I'm crawling back in my cave of blankets.
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