March 22nd, 2004

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

quickie post

Life Update 101

or lack thereof... another weekend gone where I had no "ME TIME" I've been studying and the sudden massive heat wave has my hay fever in a snit and a massive migraine and on top of everything else I go live today at work with the new training and I'm scared shitless, the other classmates I had degenerated into sniveling 14 year olds back in freshmen high school with their constant gabber and it effected my learning and no amount of me griping for them to STFU did *ANY* good.


So my fingers are crossed that my bringing home my notes to study helped.


SO much to know in 3 weeks, I hope I do alright.


Off to work to die, if I'm MIA this week, AGAIN, you'll know why my life is extremely busy and stressful and when I get home from work I'm either studying or trying to sleep off the hay fever.

ICK.... I want to be a kept woman damn it, Rick you'd better win the LOTTO!


Off to work I go... poop.
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The meaning of LIFF

My Dana -- How was your day?

Apart from me getting claims calls that seemed to have come from fucking MARS -- I mean the scenarios of the crap I had to go through today I cannot even begin to explain.

Needless to say my Brain consisted of Jelly by the time 6 PM rolled around.

I couldn't eat because I was nervous, I subsisted on 10 white cheddar cheezits all day because someone raided my desk drawer and left me the broken bits of my box when I know it was over half full last week, and by the time they deign to schedule my lunch the cafeteria is fucking closed. So I was hungry and had a headache from Hades when I got home.

I walk into the house to see.. company.

Sean, Genevieve and little positively adorable AERIS.

So I did have a nice baby fix and that helped alleviate some of the stress, because I could eat up those damn chipmunk cheeks of hers...

however... come 10 PM and they still haven't *LEFT* I'm now annoyed with company, I'm fucking starving and I can't fix food, cause there's not enough to feed more people and it's rude to eat in front of them.

It's now 10:30 they are gone and what is my dinner at this late hours?

Some cream cheese and a graham cracker.

Oh yeah, I think it's bed time.


And of all times for my creative streak to come back is now naturally, when I've no time to write.

My original plots are back, and I've managed in the past week to take a few minutes here and there to jot down about 8 pages or so of story. I hope this one sticks around, I like my story line thus far.

Typical D romantic fantasy shite, but I like it, and I write for me mainly so alls good there.

I miss my free time, I had it at one point I'm positive.

I miss my man and my friends and I'll state again if you find my life, please return it I seem to have lost it.

And I'll trade noses with someone too if you find a good nose minus hay fever!

It was another 90 plus day out today, pollen central.

Happy spring *WAHOO*

Already weather this hot, I am sooo not looking forward to summer.


Night night!
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