February 29th, 2004

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California Primary Elections Tuesday

What D making a politics post?

Californians, the Primaries are Tuesday, and I'll admit like most people I have a bad habit of NOT voting in the primaries.

I will be there this Tuesday with bells on.. why? Prop 56.


It looks good on paper, it's a smoke screen the fine print is the bastard.

They are touting this prop as a "Politicians won't get paid and will forgo all salaries if they can't balance the budgets they promise in the time frame they promised"

The fine print?

It also stipulates that politicians can add or raise taxes without a house 3/4 majority vote, dropping it to less than 1/4

This means they can add or raise taxes willy nilly so they can balance the budget and keep their grossly overpaid salaries in the bargain.

Californian's will lose with this prop, VOTE NO!

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I loathe politics, I hate being a grown up who has to pay attention to these things.


Now my analogy is in a nutshell and in laymen’s terms, read your sample ballots, 56 is a dick.


On an unrelated note... Tony Schaloob seriously rocks my socks. Best Character actor IMO ever.
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2


Saw this ins cindyq's LJ

I'm not a gamer... I haven't played anything since, oh say TETRIS, and even then I usually just watched MOM play it.


Could get me to change my mind... click the "uncomfortable moments in gaming" video clip


Rick you will so OWN this game so I can watch you play it love and DROOOOOOOOOOL

heh heh
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Note to self : Make sure you tell the bosses this week you need October 27 - Nov. 1st


6 months notice, that should be MORE than enough warning I think.

Got the room rates and REALLY HOPING this year I can save up enough moola to only have to share the room with one other person, I do not like falling over luggage in the slightest. As much as I adore the roomies, I need *SPACE* I am a big girl, I like to spread out, and I am a neat-nick, having bits and bobs strewn about a room make me want to go POSTAL.

Room rates not bad, parking as always is a rip off, that weekend will cost me over $100 just to park my damn car, 25 bucks a DAY!


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