November 23rd, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

D Doolittle....

What *IS IT* with me and Animals?!??!

Do I have a big placard hanging around me that says "She's such a sucker, GUILT TRIP HER BOYS AND GIRLS!"

and what is it with animals who KNOCK yes.. KNOCK on my front door!?!?

First Candy the little toy poodle (Before the neighbors moved) would come over all the time and just throw herself at the door until I came out to play with her.

Now I have Hime (about 10 months old) and Chibi (about 3 months I guess) (Not mother and daughter, but Hime HAS adopted her, it's ADORABLE! She even lets the little one "mock" nurse for comfort, Hime has GREAT maternal instincts and is not much older than the kitten) the cats outside... who for a while were content to just Meow at me through the office window to get my attention... Bring me Dead things... *shudder*

not anymore.. HIME has now taken to scratching at the front door, I open it, and INSIDE she waltzes

Um, no, turn your little furry tookus right around missy. I feed you, I water you, I made you a super toasty and warm basket bed right out the front door, complete with a super thick fleecy throw for you to snuggle into.


Note: Mewing at me like you're dying of the plague and giving me pitiful "You don't love me" looks every time I open the door just makes me feel like I'm "evil woman" damn it! I buy you Whiskas and that gourmet kitty soft food, I make sure you and Chibi are Healthy and warm, I pamper you as much as I do my DOG...

ungrateful little furballs!

Stop giving me guilt trips, this is CALIFORNIA, yes, it's 45 degrees outside and chilly, but I gave you warm stuff, you do not need to make me feel bad that I CAN'T LET YOU IN THE HOUSE DAMN IT!

Dad and I would be once massive allergic reaction if we let you in.


Nothing ever good enough.
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

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