October 7th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Politics - schmolitics

I'm a good Californian....

*Points to cheezy "I VOTED" sticker they stuck on my left breast*

I mean if having your boob groped by a blue haired old lady isn't incentive enough....

And now I'm all hot cause Mom and I walked to the polls... ugh I think a cool shower would be nice about now.... the sun this afternoon is brutal if you have no shade for the half mile walk.

Here's mom and I thinking... "It's only 85 today, nice and cool for a walk"...

WRONG..... the sun's at that perfect overhead angle where shade is not happening.
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

One more page done!

Got the Calendar Page All looking spiffy! WOOT! Just one more page to do and the whole journal is updated at last!

Now that I got the hang of it, it's going pretty quick. The tweaking here and there and actual making of the page graphics takes the longest, time wise now.


PLEASE Look, I'm so proud of myself for figuring this out with my feeble brain power.

Main Page, Friends Page, Calendar Page.... Working on the day view page now.
Main page fablespinner

Friends Page

Calendar Page


I'm mainly proud because I finally mastered the stinking code and I've not taken any stock graphics for ANYTHING including the backgrounds, I made all those little tiles from scratch too. I've never been able to do the seamless tiles before.... I just played around until I got my patterns to match up.

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