September 10th, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Peek at Toning

Here's The previous Ahna and Cor Pic partially screentoned.

What a chore toning is. Work in progress


What the hell, I'll jump on the bandwagon too I suppose (I fear the answers)

In a comment reply to this, sum up your thoughts about me in one word. Then afterward put this on your journal to see what everyone else thinks of you.
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

And People Must think I'm an Idiot

Take a look at this:
From: Ania Poñczocha
Subject: kiriban :)
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 21:30:02 +0200

My name is Ania Ponczocha a.k.a. Andzik. I'm from Poland. I guess, I won a
<< 69.GIF >>

Dear Andzik,

And you CHEATED to get it.

Refreshing the screen over and over and over to rack up the counter.
Here take a look at your stats:

Wed Sep 10 11:14:54 2003 Windows NT N/A Netscape N/A 230/230

Wed Sep 10 11:14:56 2003 Windows NT N/A Netscape N/A 231/231

Wed Sep 10 11:15:02 2003 Windows NT N/A Netscape N/A 232/232

Wed Sep 10 11:15:10 2003 Windows NT N/A Netscape N/A 233/233

Wed Sep 10 11:15:30 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 86/86

Wed Sep 10 11:15:34 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 87/87

Wed Sep 10 11:15:38 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 88/88

Wed Sep 10 11:15:45 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 89/89

Wed Sep 10 11:15:49 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 90/90

Wed Sep 10 11:16:01 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 91/91

Wed Sep 10 11:16:06 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 92/92

Wed Sep 10 11:16:10 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 93/93

Wed Sep 10 11:16:16 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 94/94

Wed Sep 10 11:16:21 2003 Windows NT Polish MSIE 6 N/A 95/95

That's just a quick copy and paste from my counter stats. It records the last 25 visits, you filled it all up all by yourself. And last night when I went to bed it still had 150 hits left to go, which means you refreshed the screen a LOT more than I can accurately track.

That's WRONG, that's called CHEATING and STACKING the cards in your favor. I KNEW something was wrong when this was in my inbox this morning, I keep track of the counter too, and this was too fast from last night to this morning.

That makes me so angry, cheating to win is WRONG and I'm not going to reward a cheater.

Using the above stats, you refreshed the screen according to your BEGINNING traffic stats (88 total visits) and End Traffic Stats (233 Total Visits)

145 times.

Two or Three, Heck TEN I could have forgiven, 145 I can't.


Are people THIS STUPID? DO they Think I'M that stupid? I get a lot of Hits I get about 88 a day on average. But over night 150? Something is really WRONG there, I smelled a fish there and sure enough....

Thank you go Stats counter! I love statistics that are accurate! I just hate that I cannot make the counter not rack up if someone just refreshes the screen.

But then I thought sticking it on a page that is static and you have to PYSHICALLY hit the refresh button on your browser to increment the hits was good enough to keep the stats to a VISIT counter not a HIT counter per say.

I don't need crazy numbers, I want ACCURATE numbers.

Thanks for blowing my counter Ania!

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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Note on Counter Stacker

Well I just got a very long apology from my hit counter stacker for the kiriban.

So I'm gonna do her the pick, she could have been a stinker and flamed me or ranted. But no, she was big about it, admitted guilt and even drew me and "I'm sorry" picture.

Which was very pretty, but massive in file size so I'm not posting it up to see.

See when you act like a grown up and admit when you messed up things work out.


I wish everyone was like that. Yeah she made a mistake, but I can also forgive mistakes when there is a sincere apology attached to it.

I'm just waiting now for her to e-mail me back with what she wants.
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