September 3rd, 2003

aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

And Rejoice!

On August 19th 1980 my Grandfather, JB, passed away.
On August 19th 2003 His granddaughter, who was born three years AFTER his death, gives us something to take the pain away on this day, and gives us joy to celebrate again.

His Newest Great grandson...

My cousin Jennifer and her Husband Phillip (Known to the family as Scooter) just became new parents, and I'm being squishy and sharing the pics my Aunt Deanna (Dee Dee) (Her Mom) just sent.

Jennifer and Dylan Austin Cook (taken when he was 5 days old, what a PORKER!)
(Jen looks sooo tired and I airbrushed/Dodge tooled the sleepy bags out from under the poor dear's eyes too. She had a C-section, gee I wonder WHY look at the size of him! At only 5 days! YIKES! I think Dylan here is doing a damn good impersonation of Elvis.)

Another Shot of Dylan

And This is my Grandma Bonnie (I think she's so beautiful.) Holding her 14th GREAT GRANDCHILD!
Wife to JB, Mother of Six, Grandmother of Ten (I was the First Granddaughter, #3 in the lineup), Great Grandmother to 14 and counting... And Still looks GREAT. Love you Grandma!

Ahhhh, I get so sappy, I'm such a baby whore. And I feel REAL OLD since I changed Jennifer's Diapers once upon a time.
I'm the eldest Granddaughter, She's the youngest (#9 in the lineup). I was already a teenager when she was born.

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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

I actually WON a contest, Holy Doo Doo Batman!

I won something... a CONTEST NO LESS... WOW! OMG

CONTEST HERE: Tsukimono Otoshi

The Complete Winners List

I got First Place in the Couples CG Category ===> PIC THAT WON

and Second Place in the Black and White Group Category===> PIC THAT WON

WOOT! I never win actual CONTESTS! O_O
(and considering I was up against ponderosa121 in the CG category with one of my FAVORITE 3x4 pics she's ever done, I'm more than surprised to say the least. Personally I think hers was MUCH better than mine.) Happy Happy JOY JOY!
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aph-SuFin (My Art) 2

Some cravings drive you crazy...


To any of my friends in the Midwest coming to y-con... I will sever a LIMB if you bring me Fanny Mae "Trinidad’s" (The white ones) and "Mint Meltaways" (The green ones)

You cannot get "Fanny Mae" brand candies here in California "SEES" has the monopoly and they SUCK!

I've been craving those 2 candies since oh... about 1992.... I've been denied, and I waaaaaaannnnnt! *whine*

I'll seriously be your slave if you can nab me some, I don't even need a box, just an itty-bitty bag will do, a TASTE!

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